Last day of school

Friday this week was the last day of school, and no I don’t have a summer vacation just yet. Honestly I don’t know what to feel, this school year just flew by really fast. Sometimes I want to throw my class mates out the window,  ha-ha no but seriously. I’m not kidding. They drive me nuts sometimes, probably because they’re younger than me. But now I feel that I will kind of miss them or at least some of them. 

On Monday I will be starting my 3-week journey as an intern on a veterinarian clinic. Last year I was an intern there as well and it was a fun experience. It made me realise that the dream I had as a young kid where I wanted to become a veterinarian is something I really want.

I wasn’t actually supposed to be on the veterinarian clinic but I changed it in the last minute because the thought of being somewhere completely new with people I’ve never met before kept me up all night. I’ve been so anxious I skipped two nights of sleep and honestly it’s not worth it.

I know I haven’t updated in a while and I really haven’t had the time nor have I had the energy to do so. I will try my best to update maybe on a daily / weekly basis what I do and get to experience at the veterinary clinic and I’ll definitely write more about what I did on my time-out.

"Go after dreams. Not people"