Sudden movements with you

On Tuesday night I got the news that I had to move out. It caused me a lot of anxiety because there is no way that I can find a place in just two weeks. I wasn’t sure if I could move in with my fiancé, but the day after I got the news that I could. That was a huge relief.

So right now I’m on the bus on my way to him, I’m going to spend the night at his. We’re going to my place either tomorrow night or on Sunday morning to start packing. For the last couple of years, I’ve lived alone it’s going to take a time to adjust living with him. Don’t get me wrong, I want to spend every minute of my life with him but this is not really what we had planned.

The plan was originally to find a new place to move into after. Probably after I’ve finished my studies because I live so close to school. But now it takes 1,5 hours just to get to my school from his place. But my fiancé told me he can’t wait to live with me and he seems really happy about it. I’m going to enjoy waking up to his face every day. So I'm kind of looking forward to it. Even though he’s really grumpy in the mornings, or at least until he gets his coffee.

My mentor thought it was a good idea when I told her because now someone can make sure that I eat properly and that maybe my mental health will become better now that I won’t spend 80% of my time alone.

(Hopefully anxiety won't eat me up like it usually does.)




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