Me, myself & I

I decided to start blogging, probably because I enjoy writing and I need something else to focus on every once in a while. I guess my first post should be me introducing myself, I will just write something short about myself and I guess you’ll have to continue reading my blog to find out more about over time.

I’m 18, going on 19. I’m currently living alone in a small flat in Sweden. I moved here in 2016, I had to move abroad so I could attend this school I got accepted to. At first it was quite frightening, but now I kind of enjoy it. I’m currently studying exotic animals and tropical nature. I absolutely love animals and my goal is to help as many animals’ as a possibly can. I’m also a vegetarian.

Little did I know that only a couple of months later I would meet the most amazing person. We are currently engaged and I absolutely adore him. I can’t wait to move in with him and start our life together.
Here’s my fiancé’s blog

This was just a quick presentation of myself, I will probably write a post about my interests as well but I didn’t want my first post to be too long.

(Ps. I’m fluent in Swedish, It just feels more natural to write in English. But feel free to leave comments in Swedish if you want to.)




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