Exhausting thoughts

On Tuesday next week we’re leaving for Sweden Rock Festival. It feels like we just ordered tickets but nope, that was 6 months ago. I’ve been feeling anxious about it the last 2 months for numbers of reasons.

Here are some of ther reasons: 
Loud noises
Plenty of people
Sleeping problems
No place to walk away
Sleeping in an RV with 4 other people

But I’ll guess I will have to suffer through it. I’ve always been that kind of person that can’t enjoy myself, especially not when there’s others around. I’m scared I’ll ruin my fiancé’s fun because I’m feeling anxious. I usually tend to just walk away when it gets too much but that’s not always an option especially when it leaves my fiancé worried.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really lucky that I’m going, plus it’s a one-time experience seeing all these amazing bands in just 4 days. I bet I will have a good time and hopefully there won’t be any anxiety involved. It’s my first time going to a music festival so I guess it’s normal to be worried.

Anyway, I need to pack for this trip soon. I might do a blogpost on what I’m bringing otherwise I’ll write a blog post during or after the trip.

“I even overthink my overthinking”