1 year with you

Today March 28th 2018, I have been together with the most amazing person for exactly one year. I can’t even describe how much he means to me or how much I love him.
I’m so lucky that I met you. It has truly been the happiest time of my life.
I don’t know what I would do without you, you’ve helped me through so much this past year. Society doesn’t accept us cause we’re both misfits but as long as we’re misfits together I couldn’t care less.

I remember when we spoke about music before we even met up in real life and I told you that I love the song  let this river flow  by  Soilwork, which happened to be one of your favourite songs. You joked about how I should marry you, little did I know I would end up getting engaged to you a couple months later.

The first time we met we went back to your place and we watched two really boring horror movies and that ended up being our thing. Watching really terrible and poorly made indie horror movies with a low budget.

 In just one year we’ve managed to go to Norway, get engaged, spend Christmas together and moving in with each other. I’m not only lucky to have met you but I was lucky enough to become a part of your family as well. Anyway, I love you so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Here's a photo of me and my lovely soulmate:

Baby you’re beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s me. I’m a freak, but thanks for loving me. Cause you’re doing it perfectly.




The official move

Today or well technically yesterday since it’s over 12am, I officially moved!
The funny thing is that when we were done moving my stuff I realised that it’s exactly ONE year ago since I was my fiancé’s place for the first time. 24th March 2017 I visited his place the first time and I moved into his place 24th March 2018.

This day have been absolutely exhausting. We were supposed to wake up at 8am but my lovely fiancé turned the alarm off. I woke up at 12pm instead, which meant I had A LOT to do on a short amount of time. We had to finish the packing, do the dishes, wash the flat and dismantle the bed in just two hours. Thankfully my wonderful fiancé and two of my friends helped me out.

The night before moving I had a lot of mixed feelings. I’m going to miss the place but mostly all my friends (and the dogs). I’m so used to just being able to walk out of the door and meet my friends at any time but now I will be more limited. I will also miss the people I don’t talk to that much but still enjoy their company, and that makes me sad because I know we will barely talk now that I moved.

We managed to pack, clean, move all my stuff and unpack pretty fast. Now I just have to go through all of my clothes and sort them. Not looking forward to that. I have way too much clothes and I’m probably going to donate a lot of them. But for now all I want is a good night sleep.

(I can’t wait to start my life with you, let the journey begin.)




Sudden movements with you

On Tuesday night I got the news that I had to move out. It caused me a lot of anxiety because there is no way that I can find a place in just two weeks. I wasn’t sure if I could move in with my fiancé, but the day after I got the news that I could. That was a huge relief.

So right now I’m on the bus on my way to him, I’m going to spend the night at his. We’re going to my place either tomorrow night or on Sunday morning to start packing. For the last couple of years, I’ve lived alone it’s going to take a time to adjust living with him. Don’t get me wrong, I want to spend every minute of my life with him but this is not really what we had planned.

The plan was originally to find a new place to move into after. Probably after I’ve finished my studies because I live so close to school. But now it takes 1,5 hours just to get to my school from his place. But my fiancé told me he can’t wait to live with me and he seems really happy about it. I’m going to enjoy waking up to his face every day. So I'm kind of looking forward to it. Even though he’s really grumpy in the mornings, or at least until he gets his coffee.

My mentor thought it was a good idea when I told her because now someone can make sure that I eat properly and that maybe my mental health will become better now that I won’t spend 80% of my time alone.

(Hopefully anxiety won't eat me up like it usually does.)